What is Leevia?

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Leevia is a tool that boosts the reach of your social media marketing campaign thanks to the power of pictures

How does it work?

Create your campaign

It's easy to create a campaign! You just need a title, a call to action and a cover image. You can also write a longer description, if you like.

Promote it on social networks

Spread the voice about your campaign by posting it on your Facebook page and Twitter profile, and invite your followers to participate.

Collect pictures!

Your supporters will start sending their photos, liking and sharing the best ones.

Why pictures?

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Thanks to photos, more people will become aware about your campaign

Pictures are the most clicked content on social networks. Do you know that posts with photos on Facebook and Twitter have 43% better click rate than posts without?

Facebook and Twitter integration

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Each photo sent from your supporters will also be automatically published on their social profiles, thus increasing the viral reach of your project. In this way, every person joining your campaign will become an ambassador, who will actively help giving visibility to your initiative.

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