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Let your Facebook and Twitter fan base speak for you, launch a photo contest or a photo campaign to promote events or causes

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What is a photo campaign?

A photo campaign is an online photo wall where your friends, fans and followers can upload and share their pictures, turning them into ambassadors of your social media campaign

Promote What You Want

There are endless possibilities of what you can promote with a photo campaign, here are some examples:

Photo contests

Launch a photo contest to receive awesome content from your fan-base, offer prizes, gain loyalty


Ask your attendees to upload their picture to build momentum and buzz around your event


Raise awareness for your initiative by spreading your message with pictures from your supporters

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Why choose Leevia?

A better way to engage with your followers

Launch a photo campaign to increase fan base engagement, generate leads and great contents

Fan-base engagement

Launch a photo contest to engage with your Facebook and Twitter fan-base and drive more attention to your campaign thanks to them

Lead generation

Convert likes and followers into potential leads for your company. Discover the top influencers and engage with them

User content generation

Get pictures from your fan-base and use them to promote your brand and engage with new potential followers

Turn your followers into ambassadors

Everytime a user uploads a picture on your photo campaign, it will be automatically shared on his/her Facebook and Twitter profiles, organically reaching people outside of your brand’s network.
Your top influencer is among your followers, you just don’t know it yet.

Launch in minutes, not months

Setting up a brand new website is expensive and time consuming.
With Leevia you can set up a photo campaign in just a few clicks. Here’s what you get out of the box:

Social integration

Everytime your supporters upload a picture, it will be automatically shared on their Facebook and Twitter personal profiles

Full responsive

Your campaign will be optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile. Out of the box, hassle free.

Fast set-up

Setting up your photo campaign on Leevia is easy and fast: fill the form, upload a cover photo and you’re ready to go!

Leevia has everything you need to launch a successful photo campaign in minutes

  • Customizable page appareance
  • Unlimited supporters
  • Custom Facebook posts message
  • Invite Facebook friends
  • Custom background image
  • Custom domain
  • Custom tweets message
  • Handmade campaign report
  • Custom mobile top banner
  • List of top influencers
  • Personal success manager
  • More features coming soon!

Loved and trusted

Working with Leevia has been meaningful to Telethon and BNL-BNP Paribas; finally a project that allows companies and citizens to come together in a very simple way”

– BNL per Telethon Blog

“Leevia is incredibly easy to use and hugely powerful. It has really helped our cause”

– Julia de Cadenet, CEO

“Leevia has been essential for the relaunch of the Stop Vivisection initiative. We recommend to everybody who wants to spread a message to use this amazing tool”

– Fabrizia Pratesi, Founder

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our customers already reached people thanks to pictures

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